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PPI refunds are STILL costing the banks BILLIONS in refunds. The total amount reclaimed across the entire industry stands at over £20bn!

But did you know you could be claiming back PPI on store cards, car finance and catalogue cards alongside loans, credit cards and mortgages? If you had one of the millions of store cards issued in the 1990s and 2000s¹ by major retailers including Topshop, River Island, Next, ASDA and Argos it could have had mis-sold PPI. With our check, you can find out whether you could be owed a refund.

Unsure you had PPI?

Because of the way PPI was mis-sold, many people didn’t even know they were paying for it. Now is the time to check! You could be owed thousands of pounds from interest alone.²

Act now to find out

Think you may have PPI? Simply fill in our form and we call you back to start comprehensive PPI check. Give the free check* a try!

Claimed before or been rejected?

If so, there’s still time for you to make a claim. Lenders issuing store cards have been fined and warned for not paying out enough or unfairly rejecting claimants1. We can help you find out what you could be owed PPI refunds on.

If you have previously complained about your PPI and were successful or rejected by your card issuer, it’s still possible you could have PPI on another agreement with them. To find out if you had PPI on other agreements, fill out the form to start your free PPI check*.